Premier Indoor Batting Cages and More

In baseball or softball, training and practice is key. That is why On Deck Batting offers premier equipment and services to enhance the game of every ball player. Not only that, but we are open year round, so winter will not cause skills get rusty during cold months.

One of the greatest things about On Deck Batting is our size. The game of baseball requires an enormous amount of space, so it is difficult to simulate the game without an impressive amount of indoor space. We’ve got the space to impress. We have 12 private tunnels, 4 Iron Mikes, softball pitching machines, and baseball pitching machines.

We also offer the best baseball and softball training on the west coast. All of our coaches and trainers are former ball players, and they offer the best instruction available to every level of player. Whether you have a child in little league, or you are playing in an adult league, all of our instructors have something to offer.

On Deck Batting prioritizes the local baseball and softball community, and in this effort, it offers baseball camps and clinics seasonally. Contact us here if you’d like more information about dates or if you’d like to be notified as clinics and camps are organized. Our clinics feature professional instruction, drills, education, and game play at a quality that cannot be mimicked through other facilities.

Practice year-round

Come rain or shine, baseball must be practiced in order to succeed in the sport. It is skill-intensive, and no amount of motivation will replace the preparedness and perfection that comes from regularly visiting our indoor batting cages. If you want to be on top, you must show up to our facility on a regular basis. We never disappoint, and we always have professional instructors on hand should you need guidance.

Still not convinced? Well then you must visit our facility. The square footage alone will have you wondering why you haven’t already been a regular customer. We have enough room to make sure that there’s never a long wait to get into a cage, and our quality equipment is always updated, so it hardly ever fails. You can rest assured that you will have a good experience at On Deck Batting. Our passion is baseball and softball, and we deliver the ultimate indoor experience. Come check us out at the address below, or contact us at this link if you’d like more information.

On Deck Batting
26071 Jefferson Ave
Murrieta, CA 92562
(951) 698-7343